Benefits of Green Spaces

What are the benefits of green spaces?

They’re popular

97% of Leeds residents visit local parks every year, making a total of 68.9 million visits to Leeds parks – and that’s not counting other types of green space such as nature reserves. 50% of British people visit a park at least once a week, and 91% say public parks and open spaces improve their quality of life

They look good

Flowers, trees, woods, lakes, meadows and streams all beautify the area around them

They’re healthy

Physical: Evidence shows that people with good access to green space are more active and less likely to have conditions such as obesity which are related to lack of exercise

Mental: The more often a person visits urban green spaces, the less often he or she will report stress related illnesses.  Spending time in green spaces can reduce clinical symptoms of anxiety & depression too

They benefit the local economy

Houses near parks tend to sell for more, and green spaces attract visitors to the area, benefiting local businesses. Reduced health costs also help the local economy

They support communities

Green spaces are free and open to all. They’re shared spaces where people of different backgrounds can meet and get to know one another

They help control climate change 

Plants draw CO2 out of the atmosphere, and green spaces also help by reducing flooding and extreme temperatures

They provide sustainable and safe transport options 

Public rights of way through green spaces allow people to get around the city in a safe and environmentally friendly way, by walking, cycling, skating, horse riding or even canoing!

They provide homes for wildlife

Birds, butterflies and bees have vital roles to play, especially within cities

They’re child friendly

Parks and green spaces are a free resource where  children and families can play, learn and exercise

They connect us to the past

Recent research shows that children learn better in the natural environment than in a classroom, and there’s so much to learn out in our parks and green spaces